WorkPoint Wellness

The WorkPoint Wellness program at Colorado Plains Medical Center partners with employers to assist in controlling healthcare costs. Our five-point program focuses on:

Injury Prevention

WorkPoint Wellness works with employers to identify potential risks in the work environment and assists them with implementing strategies to eliminate and/or reduce these risks. This includes coordinating pre-placement physicals and drug screens, job site analysis, functional testing, etc.

Injury Intervention

Lost work time is a significant economic threat to many businesses. Through Service Coordination our pro-active system expedites care to employees, improves lines of communication, secures approvals and emphasizes a safe and timely return to work.

Wellness and Health Promotion

WorkPoint Wellness does not see wellness and health promotion as a separate risk management tool, but one that should be blended with the employer's overall safety and occupational health initiatives. When your employees have 24/7 access to Service Coordination to assist them with well care and sick care needs for them and their families, they are more likely to approach their health in a more proactive way and contribute to a more productive workforce.

Provider Orientation

WorkPoint Wellness provides all participating physician offices with a detailed orientation program, ensuring easy access to all program areas. We provide the necessary tools, forms, and processes that allow for prompt scheduling of appointments, accurate billing information and faster reimbursements.

Service Coordination

A special service coordination number 970-542-4440 provides a central point of communication, for all physicals, injuries and health events. We are also available to answer questions or concerns of physicians, employers, employees and payors.

For more information about the WorkPoint Wellness program at Colorado Plains Medical Center, contact Cara Draegert at 970-542-4440 or at

WorkPoint Wellness – Connecting employers and Colorado Plains Medical Center to make our community healthier.

Cara Draegert - Marketing, Communications and Industry Relations Coordinator