Medical Records/Health Information Management

Birth Certificates

The birth certificate process at Colorado Plains Medical Center is performed via Electronic Birth Certificate Software (EBC). Information is obtained from the parents via a form provided by the nursery personnel. A Health Information Management Professional inputs information from the worksheet into the Electronic Birth Certificate. Prior to discharge, a parent’s signature is required on the worksheet and pre-printed birth certificate. Parents are instructed to ensure that all information on the worksheet and certificate is correct due to the fact that CDPHE – Vital Records Registry imposes a $20.00 correction fee. In the effect a signature is not obtained, the parent’s will be responsible for corrections.

Colorado Department of Health & Environment
Vital Records Section
4300 Cherry Creek Drive South
Denver, CO 80246-1530
Attention: Corrections to Birth Records

Important Phone Numbers:

Colorado Plains Medical Center          970-867-3391 
Colorado Plains Medical Center Medical Records Department           970-867-3391 - ext. 3476  Fax: 970-542-4392
CO – Vital Records Section Correction of Birth/Death Records        303-692-2226
CO – Vital Records Section Requests for Certified copies of Birth/Death Records  303-692-2224
Northeast Colorado Health Department               970-867-4918

Record Copies and Inspection

Medical records shall be available for inspection upon written, dated request at reasonable times and upon reasonable notice. Please contact Colorado Plains Medical Center’s Medical Records Department to sign a release of information to inspect your record. The records will be available for inspection within 48 hours, excluding weekends and holidays. There is no charge for the inspection of medical records.

Following service, copies of a record shall be furnished to the patient upon the submission of a written request for records, and upon the payment of reasonable costs. Copies of records should be made available within a reasonable time, normally not to exceed ten days from the date of the signed request. If copies are requested, the patient may be charged up to twelve dollars for the first ten or fewer pages and twenty-five cents per page for every additional page. Actual postage costs also may be charged.

Email for more information: