End-of-Life Options Act

At Colorado Plains Medical Center (CPMC), we are committed to delivering high quality, safe, and compassionate care to all who enter our facility.  Our hope is that each of you feel that commitment from the moment you step inside any of our locations.

In November 2016, Colorado residents voted in favor of the End-of-Life Options Act, which supports the right to medical aid in dying.  With this legislation, individuals across our state now have access to aid-in-dying medications at participating healthcare facilities. 

Under the Act, healthcare facilities are not required to participate in providing medical aid-in-dying medications.  Rather, we have been allowed the freedom to make a decision that best fits the wants and needs of our local communities.  After careful thought and consideration, CPMC has chosen not to participate in the End-of-Life Options Act.  This means that:

  • physicians employed by or under contract with CPMC cannot write a prescription for aid-in-dying medication for a patient who plans to self-administer the medication on hospital grounds,
  • patients are prohibited from taking aid-in-dying medications on hospital grounds, and
  • if a patient of CPMC requests aid-in-dying medication, CPMC can assist the patient in transfer to another facility of the patient's choosing.

Our decision not to participate in this Act will not impact the quality or level of care that we are currently offering - CPMC will continue to provide end-of-life and palliative care to patients in need of these services.

If, at any time, you have questions or would like to speak with someone about this, please call Sheila Sherman, Chief Nursing Officer, at 970-542-3339.