If you have a suggestion or comments...

If you have suggestions, comments, or wish to voice a concern about the hospital, we want to hear from you. Please contact:

Within the hospital:

Brenda Shelton    (970) 542-3312   Send Brenda an e-mail

Sheila Sherman   (970) 542-3339   Send Sheila an e-mai

Outside the hospital:
Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment toll free at 1-800-886-7689 ext. 2800, or fax a statement to 303-753-6214. You can file a complaint at any time, but it is best to do so as soon as possible.

Si usted tiene una queja con Colorado Plains Medical Center, favor de contactornos...

En el hospital:
Sheila Sherman, CNO, al 970-542-3339

Fuera del hospital por llamada gratis:
Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment 1-800-886-7689 extencion 2800 o envie una carta por fax al 303-753-6214. Se puede reporter una queja en cualquier momento per es major hacerlo lo mas pronto possible.