Fort Morgan Community Hospital Foundation

The Fort Morgan Community Hospital Association is also assisted by the members of the Fort Morgan Community Hospital Foundation, which is also a 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization that oversees the hospital’s endowment fund, acts on purchase recommendations of the Association, and assists with other donations. Members consist of Jeff Morford, Andy McClary, Alexandra Keenan, Roger Segura, and Geoff Taylor.  Kim Prevost represents the Association on the Foundation Board and participates as a non-voting member.  Loren Boyett serves as the Executive Director.

For more information about the Foundation Board or to find out how you can support the efforts to maintain and deliver high quality health care in the community, please contact us at:  1000 Lincoln Street, Fort Morgan, CO  80701  970-542-3346.  The Foundation's website address is:

Jeff Morford, President

Andy McClary, Vice President

Alexandra Keenan, Secretary/Treasurer

Roger Segura, Member

Geoff Taylor, Governing Board Representative

Kim Prevost, Association Board Representative

Loren Boyett, Executive Director