Speed and Convenience Available through CPMC's FAST TRACK program

October 5, 2017

With everyone leading such busy lives these days, Colorado Plains Medical Center (CPMC) offers several convenient solutions to help alleviate the registration wait time as well as to offer greater flexibility in navigating the registration and billing experience at the facility.

Since the fall of 2015, Colorado Plains Medical Center has offered its patients the ability to pre-register online.  Patients who already have a procedure scheduled, such as surgery or a sleep study, women who want to pre-register for delivery of a baby at the facility, and anyone requesting an appointment for a screening mammogram can do so over the internet.

To pre-register online, patients just connect to www.ColoradoPlainsMedicalCenter.com and go to the online pre-registration tab located in the For Patients and Visitors dropdown menu.

"This online approach makes the pre-registration process go much faster, helps to ensure that we have accurate and updated insurance and personal information about the patients, and simplifies the registration process once they arrive at our facility for their procedure," comments Krystal Zamudio, CPMC Patient Financial Service Director.

The hospital has recently added a FAST TRACK component to the pre-registration process that offers further benefits to the pre-registration process.  With the FAST TRACK option, patients will be able to finalize payment arrangements, thus decreasing the registration wait time even further.  By calling or visiting with a patient access representative at least 48 hours in advance of a procedure, a payment estimate can be produced and financial arrangements can be finalized. Then, when the patient arrives at the hospital, final consent papers are signed and the patient is quickly escorted to his or her final destination in a matter of minutes.

Zamudio also notes that online bill pay is another available tool that offers 24/7 convenience.  The link for this service can also be found on CPMC's website under the For Patients and Visitors dropdown menu located on its home page.

To take advantage of the online pre-registration process, one needs to have the following items available:  patient, responsible party, and emergency contact information; current insurance cards, including Medicare and Medicaid; date of scheduled visit or expected delivery date; employer contact information; and family and ordering physician's first and last names.

A patient will also need to contact a patient access representative at 542-3326 for any FAST TRACK arrangements at least 48 hours before the hospital visit to allow for adequate processing time.

"Today's consumers have come to assume quick and easy personalized business encounters - from online banking to booking airline tickets.  With online pre-registration and the FAST TRACK program, we are providing healthcare options to our patients with the level of service and choice they expect," states Zamudio.

For more information on FAST TRACK, pre-registration, or online billing, contact Zamudio at 542-4433.